Deeper Still longs to bring the Netherlands into a passionate relationship with Jesus, as sons and daughters filled with the Holy Spirit!

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About us

We long to help people in the Netherlands grow in a passionate relationship with Jesus, as sons and daughters of God the Father, filled with the Holy Spirit! We do this with an enthusiastic team of individuals who follow and love Jesus. 

We'd like to introduce you to Noah, the founder and leader of Deeper Still, and Marieke, who handles organizational tasks.

Noah van Huizen

Noah van Huizen, born in South Africa and adopted in the Netherlands in 2004.

"I've come to know Noah as someone who has surrendered his heart to Jesus, dedicated his life to pleasing Him, following Him, and living from His hand. His enthusiasm, joy, and trust are infectious! Despite his young age, he carries great wisdom that comes from the heart of God the Father. Noah understands the art of being both a powerful leader with a strong vision and, at the same time, a child playing at the feet of Jesus."

In 2021, Noah had a personal experience in his heart in Toronto where he encountered the Lord in a completely new way. With a renewed vision for his life, after completing Bible school in Toronto, he entered full-time ministry. Noah frequently travels with a group of other young people on fire for God. Together, they prepare the Bride in countries such as Mexico, America, France, and more. In 2022, the Lord began speaking to him about the Netherlands. A vision sparked in his heart, leading to the establishment of Deeper Still. It has since grown into a team of enthusiastic individuals united in their passion for Jesus, standing together to see His Kingdom come in the Netherlands!

Marieke Aarsman

Marieke is married and has three adult children. She grew up in a Reformed environment where she became familiar with the Bible and the church. During a teenage camp, she was personally convinced of God's love and began the quest to know His heart, which has never ceased. His heart has always been warmer, His love deeper, and His grace greater. After working passionately as an elementary school teacher for a long time, she decided to change course and pursue what had always been a wish: attending a Ministry school. It was at Catch the Fire in Toronto where she met Noah. This led to a fruitful collaboration in the form of Deeper Still. Additionally, her heart remained drawn to education, which she has joyfully resumed as a Dutch- as a- Second Language (NT2) teacher for adults.

"Marieke handles a significant portion of the organizational and practical matters of Deeper Still. Besides being an excellent planner with a refreshing strategic vision, she also holds a deep love for King Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Father's heart. With her eyes fixed on Jesus, Marieke is capable of using her skills and talents for the Kingdom in various aspects of her life."


Friendship with the Holy Spirit

One of the promises Jesus gave us in John 14 is that the Father would send the Holy Spirit when Jesus returns to the Father. He commands us to make Jesus known to the world through the power of the Holy Spirit. In friendship with the Holy Spirit, we are led by Him to remain close to the Father and His Word. We are equipped by the Spirit to do the things Jesus did and even greater things!

Intimacy with

Our desire is not only to see the Netherlands saved by Jesus but also to be in an intimate relationship with Him. We believe that as the global Church, we are the Bride of King Jesus. It is our prayer that through our activities in the Netherlands, the call to intimacy with Jesus will resound louder and stronger (Revelation 22:17). That as a church, we will know our Bridegroom as the Lion of Judah and also as the Lamb who was slain!

Filled with the Father's love

We believe that we are incredibly loved by a Father. We have a Father who is so passionate about telling us who we are, about speaking Identity into every aspect of our lives! We want to see people in the Netherlands walking in their Identity as sons and daughters of the Heavenly Father. May it take root in our hearts that we serve a God of love and compassion, who desires to reveal Himself as a loving Father.

Our vision

We are committed to equipping and encouraging people to lay their foundations in the Word of God and to walk in wisdom and insight, inspired by the Spirit of God. Deeper Still aims to be a place for the Holy Spirit to feel at home, where He can do what He desires to do. We reach out for miracles and signs and have faith for things that are not yet visible.


School of the heart

The School of the Heart is a multi-generational 16+ school for both young and old. It starts on Monday evening and ends on Friday afternoon. The schedule is from 9:30 AM to 5:00/5:30 PM. Read more...

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